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You ARE Loveable

I am so excited to share with you my latest video on YouTube at my new channel “My 5 Minute Message”

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In this video I mentioned the book “Life Loves You” by Louise Hay and Robert Holden. You can find it in my Bookshelf on the right side of this website, or you can access it directly here ===> https://My5MinuteMessage.com/lifelovesyou

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Love and Abundance ♥ Coffee with Priscilla

Love and Abundance Coffee with Priscilla

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Priscilla L Brooks, Entrepreneur at Heart


Reflection ~ a word that can mean one thing, or many different things.

Today, it means many things to me.

As I reflect back today, I am seeing many things over the past both long ago and recently.

I got back into my “sit” today, such a beautiful thing, and that is where the magic is.  That is where I connect with my reason, my passion, my gifts the Lord gives me.

And it is so powerful!

So as I reflect back on a few things, I am seeing a reflection of myself that needs to adjust….because to live by my compass, I must!

Have you taken the time recently to get quiet, removing all of the noise of life, so you can hear your heart?

Yes, seriously there is entirely too much noise in our lives for us to truly hear what our destiny is.  If we will just get quiet daily, our lives will be so much better.  I know this from experience, and yet I have allowed myself to get off track.

Today I want to share with you my reflections, in hopes that maybe you can find your destiny, your heart, your passion again.

I spread nothing but Love to you all today, and hope that I was able to show you a glimpse into my heart, which will in turn reveal yours as well!

Love, Love, Love….pass it on!


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