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Take Charge of your Credit Profile

Take Charge of Your Credit Profile

Did your parents or school ever teach you how to take charge of your credit profile?  Most likely the answer is NO.  In fact, if you went to college, there was probably a credit card company there during registration offering for you to apply for credit.

When these credit companies issued you a credit card, did they sign you up for a class to teach you how to be successful?  NO?  

Many of you either have been or are currently being judged for your lack of a good credit profile, and yet nobody ever taught you how to manage it.

Have you experienced this?  Many of our citizens are paying too much for our autos, our credit cards and possibly unable to qualify to purchase a home.

Would you pay to get this education?  Many of you may have googled information, or paid a credit repair company to “fix” your credit.  The problem with either of these scenarios is that you still end up with poor credit, or in the case of credit repair, a hole in your pocket.

Why not spend the same amount of money to negotiate your collections, paying down your debts, and solid education on how  you can take charge of your credit profile

Text “TAKE CHARGE” to 559-296-9162 today for more information 🙂

Comment below with any general questions you may have, I am happy to help!

Priscilla L Brooks