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Kauai 2018 Text Video

Kauai 2018 Text Video…..

Have you heard of the latest Text Video?  Maybe you just don’t know what I am talking about….lol  If you watched the Super Bowl T-Mobile you saw this amazing technology.

I have made a text video for FUN regarding my journey last year and to test out this really cool software!

If you are curious, click on the PLD Video Marketing tab on the left sidebar

Watch this and please comment on what you think about all of this!

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And so it begins…

And so it begins….

I have shared with anyone who knows me that we all have “special”, “unique” gifts, and we have a responsibility to SHARE them with the world!

Perhaps you haven’t ever shut off the noise in your life long enough to hear, actually hear your hearts desire

This Blog is ME, my gifts, my callings to share with the world!

I look forward to connecting with you as well and hear about all of your Special ~ Unique ~ Gifts!

Love to you all

Priscilla L Brooks

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