Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Happy Thanksgiving 2018, what are you thankful for this year?  No matter what we may be going through right now, we all have a ton to be thankful for.

So, as we get ready to begin Thanksgiving week, let’s keep this in mind.  There are many people who aren’t able to celebrate certain holidays anymore.

Maybe they lost a loved one just before Thanksgiving, like my dear friend Patti Smith just a year ago tomorrow……can you imagine?  Thanksgiving will never be the same for her family.

Or maybe someone has lost a child and the memories are just to raw, too hard to endure, seeing that empty place setting~

And you may just have your mom currently fighting for her life with cancer eating up her liver.

Now I don’t say this to make you sad, or so you will feel guilty for having your family together.  In fact, I share this with you so you will take that extra step to endure the annoying family members for just one day.  To tolerate your moms traditions that may annoy you.  And just share Love

Make some new and special memories this Thanksgiving, and be kind.  It’s only one day, but it is a lifetime of memories.  Make them count

Love to you all on this 2018 Thanksgiving Holiday

Priscilla, Cliff’s Mom

PS If you are a bereaved mom missing her child on this Thanksgiving Holiday, go to my blog in memory of my son Cliff and join me on Thanksgiving morning as we get together and share

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The Dash ♥

The Dash~

What is “The Dash”?

Today I want to share with you a video from a friend who will explain to you her take on “The Dash” ♥

Michele has a tender message and an amazing dream that will manifest because of this message….

If you have children, and would like to write a letter, please do so and send to Michele at the address below:

PO BOX 200634
EVANS, CO 80620

I love all of my Bereaved Moms

Please SHARE Michele’s message today!

Priscilla L Brooks


Reflection ~ a word that can mean one thing, or many different things.

Today, it means many things to me.

As I reflect back today, I am seeing many things over the past both long ago and recently.

I got back into my “sit” today, such a beautiful thing, and that is where the magic is.  That is where I connect with my reason, my passion, my gifts the Lord gives me.

And it is so powerful!

So as I reflect back on a few things, I am seeing a reflection of myself that needs to adjust….because to live by my compass, I must!

Have you taken the time recently to get quiet, removing all of the noise of life, so you can hear your heart?

Yes, seriously there is entirely too much noise in our lives for us to truly hear what our destiny is.  If we will just get quiet daily, our lives will be so much better.  I know this from experience, and yet I have allowed myself to get off track.

Today I want to share with you my reflections, in hopes that maybe you can find your destiny, your heart, your passion again.

I spread nothing but Love to you all today, and hope that I was able to show you a glimpse into my heart, which will in turn reveal yours as well!

Love, Love, Love….pass it on!


Let’s Connect!

And so it begins…

And so it begins….

I have shared with anyone who knows me that we all have “special”, “unique” gifts, and we have a responsibility to SHARE them with the world!

Perhaps you haven’t ever shut off the noise in your life long enough to hear, actually hear your hearts desire

This Blog is ME, my gifts, my callings to share with the world!

I look forward to connecting with you as well and hear about all of your Special ~ Unique ~ Gifts!

Love to you all

Priscilla L Brooks

You will find all of my projects, dreams and accomplishments! Best of all ~ you'll get to know me! ♥